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We produce radiators for combines, tractors, earth movers and industrial applications with a model range of over 350. Read more

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We have gained a global customer base with a reputation for professionalism, consistency and good service. Read more

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We produce all necessary tooling in-house, reducing costs and lead times to an absolute minimum. Read more


A partner for agricultural and industrial equipment spare parts dealerships.

Over 350 models and a worldwide customer base.

More than 40 years of experience and dedication to quality, innovation and customer satisfaction.

Clancy Radiators is a leading manufacturer of agricultural and industrial heat transfer products.

We have Launched our very own Aluminium Brazing line in Ireland for Industrial Heat Exchangers, which allows us to manufacture Radiators, Oil Coolers and Air Coolers in-house! Find Out More Here

Since its establishment in 1970, the company has consistently performed well and achieved strong growth. The company has developed a global customer base and has gained a reputation for professionalism, consistency and good service. Contact Clancy Radiators today.